Product Manager

Liquid & Grit's products and services for Product Managers.
Here are the ways Liquid and Grit can help to...

Discover exclusive insights

  • Conduct user research to identify user needs and pain points.
  • Define product requirements based on market research.
  • Maintain a deep understanding of the gaming landscape and industry trends.
Liquid and Grit's Insights tool and Custom Projects can provide market-specific research and data to supplement user research efforts, helping product managers validate feature ideas, prioritize development efforts, and optimize the game experience.

Plan more effectively

  • Manage product releases and updates.
  • Develop and maintain a product roadmap.
Utilize our Insights and Tracker tool for in-depth information on successful game launches and daily live op events updates. Empowering product managers to make informed decisions regarding release timing, feature updates, and roadmap strategies.

Develop successful products

  • Develop monetization strategies to drive revenue growth.
  • Analyze game data to optimize product features.
Liquid and Grit's Impact Drivers and Lift tool can provide insights into successful monetization models and trends in the gaming industry, enabling product managers to explore effective monetization strategies and maximize revenue potential.


Don't just take our word for it – we have testimonials from Product Managers who have experienced firsthand the incredible value of Liquid and Grit in their roles.
Jean-Philippe Mallette
Product Manager at Ludia
"I have read not twice ... but three times all your puzzle reports! Now I am reading the RPG. Thanks to you and your team for your teaching. Obviously a big fan here.
L&G inspired the distribution strategy of our Elite Dragons, which yielded ~5x more revenue than our regular dragon distribution strategy"
Christina Osmun
Director of Product at GSN
"We used Liquid & Grit's economy reports to rebalance our app's economy. The results were incredible! We saw an 800 basis points improvement in our D1 retention and 400 basis points improvement in our D30 retention.
The Liquid & Grit's economy report allowed us to rebalance our economy in days instead of weeks. We also increased the time spent in-app per active user by 57% percent."
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