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A client wanted to determine the quality of their top-grossing game’s customer support system. Including the client's game, we analyzed five games within the game's sub-genre, compiled data across 49 categories, and then generated scores in reliability, human interaction, competence, reaction to criticism, and store refunds.

While their game enjoyed status as a top 5 grossing RPG app, our analysis found that the game's customer support was in need of serious improvement. In particular, we discovered that extensive use of auto-reply and wait times left players feeling undervalued as customers. For this game specifically, players found lack of personal human interaction prohibitive to their ability to receive the level of support they needed.


Eight player accounts were created for each game. Each player played 30 minutes per day for one week before contacting support. Players continued play and interacted with support for four weeks.

In total, 100 customer support requests were submitted. Players completed a 49-item survey for each customer support request. The survey examined the player’s overall satisfaction with each customer support interaction on a 7-point Likert scale (1-3 for dissatisfied, 4 neutral, and 5-7 for positive).

From the survey data, our team generated scores in five categories: reliability, personal touch, competence, reaction to criticism, and store refund.

Analysts added to the survey data by providing long-form notes evaluating their experiences. These included suggestions for improvements.


We compiled all of these findings in a comprehensive document along with several spreadsheets containing the entirety of the investigation, including all tracking and analysis. Liquid and Grit formally presented the findings to allow for discussion of the methodology and results.


The project is first outlined in a Google Document so that the developer and Liquid and Grit have a clear understanding of the goals, final outcome, and information that will be delivered each quarter.

All of our custom work is then tracked in a shared Dropbox paper document, with all parties having access if desired. You can see exactly how the project is progressing and make suggestions and comments directly in our documents where necessary. With the scope determined ahead of time to your specific project specifications, Liquid and Grit’s team of analysts can generally prepare a market report like this one every three months for your organization.

Estimate Costs

With your organization’s specific needs established, Liquid and Grit will supply a cost estimate based on time to research, analyze, and process deliverables, as well as the specific combination of analysts, lead analysts, managers, and partners required to complete your request.

Factoring project set-up, data extraction, research, analysis, and deliverable processing, the estimated cost for this study is $20-40K, depending on your team’s specifications.


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