Market Reports

We provide monthly product reports for the Casual, Core, and Casino Markets

Liquid & Grit’s monthly market reports analyze revenue-driving trends in top-grossing mobile gaming apps in the casual, core, and casino markets, and a report on slots designs. These monthly reports provide an overview of the most important mechanics, soft-launches, breakout apps, features, and innovations released that month.

Summary of Product Reports

Our market reports are divided into three main sections:

  1. The Impact Drivers analyze releases that drove revenue in top grossing apps. In this section, you'll find revenue analysis of that app, average revenue impact of those types of mechanics, a teardown of the feature, and actionable insights on how to successfully design and release new mechanics.

  2. The Trends and Impacts section contains information on how these release trends have changed over time within markets, genres, and apps to identify areas of opportunity. This information comes directly from our Database tool, which you can also have access to for additional trend insights.

  3. The Market Watch provides an overview of soft-launch and breakout apps and notable features, events, and content releases within top-grossing apps to help you stay on top of the latest innovations.

We currently track over 170 apps across the casual, core, and casino markets, covering either all of the apps that make up 80% of the revenue of a sub-genre or a minimum of two apps, whichever is bigger. Check out the Apps Covered section for details.

To check out a report, you can download a recent report below or email us to receive a report on a particular topic.

How to Access the Reports

All of the members of your group (or just you) will receive the reports each month via email. You can also download all the previous reports in the Wiki tool, which is a tool within the Impact Portal.

If you're a big Slack user or organization, you can also have them sent directly to you in Slack or a Slack channel.

Each report is sent with a summary of the contents of the reports so that you can quickly understand the contents of the report.

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