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The Database tool holds over 34K screenshot and gameplay video libraries of every new release of the top-grossing mobile games. It also allows you to export the data (or extract it with an API), set up notifications, and check out feature matrixes. The export functionality will not be available during the trial period.

This tool is heavily used by designers, product managers writing specs, product owners tracking competitors, or insights teams wanting additional coverage.

Database Tool

The Database contains over 34K filterable and searchable screenshot and gameplay video libraries. Each library holds images and often videos of that release.

Database tabs

The Data tab allows you to export the data into .csv file to uncover your own trends, examine your competitors, or find other insights based on how the top grossing apps are investing their resources.

Each library is tagged with specific information, like the mechanic, reward system, dynamics, reward types, and more.

The Gallery tab allows you to view screenshots and video content of game features, mechanics, events, etc. Each entry contains its own gallery.

The Matrix tab allows you to quickly conduct a GAP analysis of your market or a potential market to see what features are most popular.

You can set up notifications with any parameter so that you receive emails whenever there is a new release that you're most concerned with (e.g. a particular market, app, mechanic, etc.)

Database Use Cases

Finding Product Examples

Let's say you’d like to build a Banks feature for a Puzzle game and would like to show examples to your design team.

To view examples, filter by clicking “Casual”, “Puzzle”, “Features”, and “Banks”. You can then filter on specific apps or other parameters to narrow down your search or click into a library, like Roxy's Reserve from Lily's Garden.

Tracking Competitors

If you want to know when a competitor has released a new event, feature, or content, you can simply search of that competitor (e.g. Angry Birds 2) and click "Add Filter Notification" to create that filter.

Now whenever Angry Birds 2 releases anything, you will receive an email on Monday notifying you of that release with more information available in the Design Portal.

You can also download the data into .csv to do your own analysis on a market, genre, subgenre, app, and more. This data is very powerful when paired with revenue data.

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