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Extensive, Ongoing Custom Research, Analysis, and Reporting

One of the largest mobile gaming companies wanted to understand the changes, opportunities, and insights on a particular market each quarter.

Liquid and Grit conducted a revenue and download analysis across the market, broke down the latest breakout apps, and did a deep dive on the most dangerous competitor. This is an ongoing, quarterly report that Liquid and Grit generates for the client.

Our analysis found several opportunities for market expansion, a gameplay release recommendation based on market behavior, and notable innovations from the market.

Methodology and Breakdown

Liquid and Grit studied the top games and publishers in the primary market, deriving and delivering several notable insights from revenue, download, and geo-location data.

Top games in related markets were also studied. Additionally, we thoroughly deconstructed several recently released titles to identify the newest and most unique gameplay mechanics, features, and revenue impacts across markets.

For the deep dive, Liquid and Grit conducted an exhaustive teardown and analysis of a title in the market. Revenue impact, gameplay mechanics, game modes, multiplayer team management, core loops, game progressions, geos, user acquisition, social media, and monetization were all thoroughly examined and analyzed.

Liquid and Grit identified several key remarkable innovations in the title. Finally, we presented key actionable recommendations for market expansion and releases.


We compiled all of these findings in a comprehensive 53-page report along with several spreadsheets containing the entirety of the exhaustive investigation. Liquid and Grit delivers these reports on a regular basis for our client.


The project is first outlined in a Google Document so that the developer and Liquid and Grit have a clear understanding of the goals, final outcome, and information that will be delivered each quarter.

All of our custom work is then tracked in a shared Dropbox paper document, with all parties having access if desired. You can see exactly how the project is progressing and make suggestions and comments directly in our documents where necessary. With the scope determined ahead of time to your specific project specifications, Liquid and Grit’s team of analysts can generally prepare a market report like this one every three months for your organization.

Estimate Costs

With your organization’s specific needs established, Liquid and Grit will supply a cost estimate based on time to research, analyze, and process deliverables, as well as the specific combination of analysts, lead analysts, managers, and partners required to complete your request.

Factoring project set-up, data extraction, research, analysis, and deliverable processing, the estimated cost for this report is $15-45K, depending on your team’s specifications.

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