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A summary comparing our company to Game Refinery's


GameRefinery (GR) and Liquid and Grit (L&G) are more complimentary than competitors, so many companies (with the means) subscribe to both services.

In short, GR is best at helping to identify new game opportunities by combining revenue and download data with app tagging information. If this is a technique that you believe will find new hybrid games, then GR is a solid solution for you.

L&G, on the other hand, is best at supplying you with information, tools, and insights to optimize your live games. This includes monthly market reports, in depth analysis reports, revenue impact estimates, feature trends, breakout and soft launch app launches, a screenshot library, and more. L&G also has a custom reporting team that can do analysis on almost anything, but this is not part of our subscription offerings and is priced on a per-project basis.

Comparison Table

Product GoalLiquid and GritGame RefineryComments

New App Opportunities Analysis

In our monthly reports, we analyze soft launched and breakout apps in each market. These teardowns include innovative features and callouts that drive revenue.

However, outside of our subscription service, we also offer custom solutions that are incredibly in-depth analysis of any newly launched game.

More information about our custom work projects can be found here.

Using their own market intelligence tool, GR mixes and matches app genres to help you look for potential revenue opportunities.

If you want personalized and detailed analysis of how your app may succeed or fail in the market, L&G's custom work is likely the best option. This is, however, further along in the process.

LiveOps Optimizations

This is our bread and butter. We track every game daily to provide you with data, tools, and research to optimize your games.

With our tools, you can see live ops calendars, new releases, and screenshots and videos of everything released in the market.

Then, we identify the most impactful events and features in the market and do teardowns.

GR provides general release data mostly focused on features and mechanics (based on app releases and not actual daily tracking). They provide screenshots and updates on thousands of games. They measure games across 260 different metrics to provide their users the broadest scope available to the game.

While GR pulls ahead of us on the number of mechanics and metrics that they track, they give mostly generalized information.

This is L&G's total focus and something we shine compared to GR. As a reporting company, we focus on all the details that impact the market and teardown why they are successful, not just tell you what is successful.

Market Tracking

L&G provides monthly reports that include impact drivers, trends, new app launches, breakout apps, events, and notable content features from that month.

We also provide you with a notification system so you can track specific apps.

L&G focuses on the top grossing games in each market.

GR tracks app releases for thousands of games. Their tool provides screenshots, vidoes, and basic information about any developer notes for each game patch. They also add up to a 200+ game design options that further categorize the games. They also generate a list of similar games by different player archetypes.

If you want all broad information about a game, GR provides this in a simple easy layout format.

Rather than list out every feature and mechanic available in a game, we pinpoint specific aspects of the game and break down why they are important.

We provide actionable guides so our clients can take advantage of the market trends.

Mechanic Analysis

With our custom made Wiki Tool we provide images, videos, and in-depth analysis with actionable insights of all the major mechanics from the top games in the market. It also includes thousands of events with research into their success and how they utilized them to increase downloads or revenue.

GR tracks all major mechanics and provides screenshots and videos from a huge list of games with insights to the direction the market is heading.

GR appears to have a wider list of games; it includes most major games, but also a large list of smaller games in the market. It has a huge range of filters such as story elements, age, and branding. If you are looking for a more comprehensive list of games and a general overarching view of how the market is progressing for specific mechanics or data, GR is likely a better fit.

If you want to understand why a particular event or mechanic was a success and how you can implement them in your games, then L&G is the best solution.

Roadmapping Using Revenue Impact Numbers.

We provide revenue impact numbers generated by calculating the week over week and month over month revenue impact by mechanic numbers.

All of our data is 100% transparent and available by request.

GR is not transparent and not clear on how they calculate their revenue impacts for various features or events.

We are about to release an Impact Report that we are confident will be the best insights on revenue impact data in the market. This report will be the most statistically rigorous analysis of impact numbers in the market and will include analysis from a PhD statistician (coming this fall).

If your company values revenue impact data, then our solution is hands down better and improving.

Product Research Tools

We provide multiple tools and resources for you to reference such as economy spreadsheets, taxonomy definitions, and player persona reports.

We are building a library of information about each mechanic in the market. We have currently five written and plan to cover all of them by the fall.

We are also building out our economy library to provide economy teardowns and templates for each major mechanic.

GR provides feature definitions and persona reports.

GR offers a slight edge in providing definitions of the many features that are in games.

We, however, provide more resources for you to understand the gaming market.

Providing Revenue and Download Data

We partner with Sensor Tower to provide revenue data in our reports. All of our data is referenced and transparent.

L&G is working to allow companies to connect their Sensor Tower or App Annie revenue data to our online tools to originate valuable insights.

GR has its own revenue and download source. You can sign up for a free account to check out the revenue data.

In general, most companies already have a subscription to either Sensor Tower and/or App Annie so the revenue and download information is likely redundant (and less accurate) than other offerings.


We cover the top grossing apps in Casual, Casino, Core, and soon Racing and Sports. We focus on apps that dominate the market.

Users of their tool can break down apps in the Casual, Midcore, Sports and Driving, and Casino Categories. They then further break it down into 50+ genres and subgenres such as Puzzle, Shooter, Realistic Driving, Slots, etc.

In the past, GR has covered more games than us. However, with Liquid and Grit's addition of the Racing and Sports market we have similar coverage in the apps compared to GR.


We price based on the report or tool.

Our custom work projects are separate.

GR has a free trial, but only shows revenue and downloads with it.

Their basic price is a 45k annual subscription.

The second tier is $47k and provides additional options, with their premium feature at $51k.

Special pricing can be made on a case to case basis.

Their pricing may be different but this is what we could find.

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