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Tracker Tool

Live ops calendar data for the top grossing apps in the Tracker tool

Tracker Tool

The Tracker tool supplies you with event calendar data of the top-grossing mobile apps.
Here you can easily view all of the events that are live in the app on a given day. The data is filterable by market, subgenre, app, and by searchable keyword inputs. All of the events are linked to screenshots and videos so you can easily see what they're all about.
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Tracker Use Cases

Competitive Analysis
The Tracker tool allows you to compare your app's live ops data against competitors, such as trends, patterns, and successful events. All the information is exportable into a .csv file for more analysis and clicking on all of the links will take you to images and screenshots of that feature.
Content Planning and Scheduling
The Tracker tool can help you plan and schedule your app's events and feature releases.
By reviewing the live ops calendar data, you can identify potential conflicts and strategically plan your app's events based on insights from the event calendar, ensuring a well-timed and impactful release.
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