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Here are ways Liquid and Grit can help to...

Lead your Team

Liquid and Grit's Insights tool can provide market insights and competitor analysis to help executives make informed decisions and set strategic goals that align with industry trends and player demands.

Make Impactful Decisions

Alongside our Insights tool, our Tracker tool and Lift tool can provide information on revenue impact numbers and LiveOps calendar data, ensuring full coverage and analysis of the competitive market. Enabling executives to make impactful decisions that will help meet your goals and boost revenue.

Our App Dev Digest also offers insights into emerging technologies, trends, and successful features in the gaming industry, helping executives stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation within the studio.

Assess Performance

Executives can request custom work to help track key performance indicators, compare against industry benchmarks, and identify areas for improvement or potential growth opportunities.

For example, Liquid and Grit developed a custom scorecard to help a client evaluate their app's health when compared to other apps tracked by Liquid and Grit.


Don't just take our word for it – we have testimonials from an Executive who experienced firsthand the incredible value of Liquid and Grit in their roles.

Joseph Kim

CEO at Lila Games

"Liquid & Grit reports are the best in the industry. From the multiple research services, reports, and consultants I’ve purchased and hired over the past 5-10 years Liquid & Grit reports provide by far the best value and highest insights.

Also, Brett Nowak is just a really great guy. I would invite anyone to DM me on LinkedIn if you have any doubt."

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