Deep Dive Toolkits

A deep analysis of the most important, market-wide topics for game designers

Our Deep Dive Toolkits offer comprehensive analysis and insights into specific, important genre-wide topics.

The previous reports have been:

  • Battle Passes

  • VIP Programs

  • Clubs

  • Live Op Calendars

  • External Payments

  • Play-to-Earn

To develop these insights, we analyze the mechanics in leading apps across markets, tear down economies, review academic and market research, and interview players.

Toolkit Resources

Most Deep Dive Toolkit contains several resources:

The Deep Dive Report contains an overview of the mechanic, in-depth analysis, keys to success, and research-based design insights.

The Economy Spreadsheet breaks down the mechanic's economy data in top-grossing apps. This data serves as the backend for insights provided in the Deep Dive Report.

The Detailed Document offers comprehensive charts, tables, data, and revenue impact analyses for the mechanic across genres.

The Comparison Sheet compares different implementations of the mechanic by top-grossing apps.

Depending on the topic, different resources are prepared.

Subscription Information

The Deep Dive Toolkits are a separate, add-on subscription from the market reports and Design Portal. Contact us for for more information.

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